Void Fest will feature tons of amazing live art throughout the weekend. One of the main features of the event will be an interactive mural wall where we encourage the community to participate. Come CREATE with us!

Void Fest ArtIST curator

Nico (Nicole Holderbaum) is a Jacksonville based artist, muralist, and creative development enthusiast. After attending arts school for both middle and high school in West Palm Beach she made the move to Jacksonville to attend the University of North Florida. Since leaving her studies at UNF she has been working as an independent artist and begun producing her artwork on a larger scale earning her the title of muralist.While working on personal collections and mural installations around the city, she is working to build her Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville and Florida Blue SPARK Grant winning project “Jax Kid’s Mural Festival”.
In this project she will be hosting a total of four free kid’s mural festivals in the core of downtown Jacksonville. Through this festival she has also established an outreach program in which she brings mural projects to schools and community centers in underprivileged areas of Jacksonville. Her ultimate goal as an artist working and living in this city is to bring hope and inspiration to both the youth of our community as well as the artist young and old.